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Dean's Dad's Ducks was my first one-man show which I developed for over two years before taking it to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2010. I have also performed the show around East Anglia and at the Ledbury Poetry Festival in 2011.


"...The crew made for the lifeboats, the ship sunk, the ducks bobbed up and were left to fend for themselves. That’s 30,000 ducks: enough to cover eight football pitches! And if you picture all those ducks, Dean’s Dad’s ducks, floating around out there and you think of each one as a lie, you’ll have some idea of Dean’s Dad’s life..."


The show was a mix of stories, poems and songs, and was the tale of the amazing voyage of a duck armada and the closer-to-home shenanigans of the man who made them: my Dad. It’s a show about truth and secrets - a shaggy duck story!


Although I'm currently resting Dean's Dad's Ducks, do keep clicking back to the site - one day the show (and those ducks) maybe relaunched!



Performance poetry, original ska and easy listening tracks, verbal dexterity and a big blue duck animate the piece.... Dean Parkin nets the audience with his family secrets and lies.

Total Theatre


A generally upbeat hour that feels like a generous insight into a family it must be great fun to be a part of...

The Scotsman


An exuberantly eccentric imagination.

Christopher Reid, Costa Book Award Winner


Delightful, funny and poignant – just around the corner from left-field.

Matt Harvey, Radio 4, Saturday Live



Dean's Dad's Ducks

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