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Bird’s nests in trees are like having twigs in your hair.

Trees have thousands of piercings –

the coloured fruit dangles from them.

Trees always want a golden coat no matter what

Their bark looks like a rippling sea.


Trees want no more chainsaws.

Trees are eaten alive by woodpeckers – trees hate them

because they drills holes in their bodies

until golden blood pours out.

The rain flows off the twigs and arms of trees like tears

but a tree does fight back...


Trees get tickled when spiders crawl up them

and when the bugs and earwigs move in they make trees tingle.

Trees watch foxes hunt for rabbits and chickens.

Two trees make great football posts.

If you talk too loudly to trees they say ‘Shhhh’.





Group Poem by

Hollesley Primary School – Year 6







What A Tree Says

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One of the best things about writing is that you can make things up. You can lie. It usually has to have some element of truth in it but mostly, you can just use imagination. I told this to Year 6 at Hollesley Primary and then I asked them what are trees made of? Back came the answers – wood? Branches? Leaves? I shook my head. The class started to insist that trees ARE made of wood. So I told them that, actually, trees are made of cardboard and old chocolate. Or did they know that trees are quite sticky – every morning the sun gets stuck up in the branches? Or did they know that a tree is cold in winter because it hasn’t got a coat on?  And off we go!


With real enthusiasm they wrote their lies about trees then read out the favourite two or three they came up with. The class then choose the one they liked best and we wrote it up on the board. Once we had one line from everyone we then ordered the poem – I read it out then asked which would make a good first line? Or a good last line? Or which lines seem to go together? They also came up with a title too. What’s good about the Hollesley poem is the varied nature of what they came up with – a really surprising, funny and unusual poem that they all made together!


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