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Factories that are made out of metal.

A bridge that’s about to collapse

The muddy river sucking all the water in

The trees collapsing on to the road

The fishing boats sinking

The house going down dark holes

Factories twisting and turning down quick sand

The storage room with all the phones

sinks and all the phones turn on.

The edge of the world is near.




Freddie Gillbanks

Bures Primary






The Edge

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I was using aerial photographs of the local landscape as starting points for poems.  Each student picked one at random (pick a picture, any picture!) and most tended to write about how small everything seemed - trees that look like broccoli was a popular one and not a bad starting point. However, Freddie saw a very different world in his picture of a muddy river near Felixstowe.

He came up with his very own disaster movie for this poem!


I like that although we think it feels like the end of the world, Freddie has written that it is  ‘The Edge’ that we are close to – somewhere where you can pull back from. It’s a poem that continually surprises right up to the final dazzling, strange and terrifying image.


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