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Movement and

the feeling of life nearby

The rhythm of a swaying

bush or tree is comforting

and reassuring.

Birds are transitory

but the bush and tree

will still be there after

I have gone.




Dove Close






The Sixth Sense

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We had a lovely session in the Dove Close residential home. The group had two dancers amongst their number, both ladies were still very spry with real twinkles in their eyes. One of them was Sheila. When she was young she was something of a child star and appeared in films. She had some amazing stories – I stayed talking to her long after the session had finished.


Sheila's poem ‘Sixth Sense’ was one that didn’t really hit me until I read it later. It’s a very short poem but really shows how powerful and poignant (but not sentimental) you can be in nine lines. It’s not even forty words but packs such a punch.


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