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Rabbits turn to roadkill

Buy swings in Sainsburys

Cattle graze under the clouds

Hawk and hornet fly around

The blue sky with the hoverfly

Fences surrounding fields

The crow shows up in the snow

An old tyre is set on fire

Marshland and a swamp

A deer running loose

Cottages and converted barn

Pigs roll in mud

Horse manure on the path

Cat’s eyes in the bush

It’s dark now

The snake lurks

The forest is alive

Owls tooting

Street lights on

Light pollution everywhere

Crisp packets on the floor

Beer cans on the bench

Our world as it is.



James Bayley

Stoke By Nayland Primary






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Before James started to write his poem he made an amazing list of all the things he might find in his landscape – both natural and man-made. Poems can not only can tell stories but sometimes they can be a list of things, although a list with details is even better.


And that’s what James brilliantly did here. He brought his list to life and shows an unblinking, hard-hitting view of the countryside around him. Who couldn't love a poem that starts, 'Rabbits turn to roadkill/ Buy swings in Sainburys'?


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