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Looking out the window

at the rolling mist

There’s a hare that doesn’t know

to run or stay still.

The trees look like skeletons

on one field.

No noise can be heard

and the sky hangs low

on this cold, cold morning

I am glad that I am inside

on this cold morning.




Carole Poole

Mary Warner





The Garden

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I seem to remember that Carole does write poetry although she usually likes to rhyme.

I never mind if people do rhyme but I always say there are many different kind of poems – and some of those rhyme but they don’t have to. And it can get in the way if you’re not careful and stop you saying what you are trying to say.


Carole was very happy though to try something different at the session and she did so with great effect – this poem very simply and wonderfully paints a picture. The poem starts with looking out the window and ends up back inside with the repeat of the ‘cold morning’ which seems to relish the warmth of being at home. So atmospheric.


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