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Voles scuttling through the reeds

Don’t eat me kestrel they all plead

Hovering above the field in the sky

The predator fixes them with it’s big black eye

Talons poised ready to kill

But they all scarper for the hills

They shoot right down there little holes

And the kestrel misses those tiny voles

Not realising the danger a little mouse feeds

And the kestrel snatches it and its seeds

It flutters up into the nearest tree

And gulps down that fat mouse with glee

But then a greedy buzzard swoops in

And bullies the kestrel, biting its chin

So who is the real evil bad guy?

The buzzard or kestrel?

the vole says with a sigh.




Thomas Lant

Stratford St Mary Primary School






Death in the Fields

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As I might have mentioned before, the trouble with rhyming poems is that you lose control and miss what you’re trying to say or you get caught up trying to find a ryhme for a word like ‘orange’ - which is impossible! – or you have to mangle the sentence to make things fit. So it’s lovely when someone creates a rhyming poem that avoids all this...


This poem by Thomas rhymes with energy, drive and fun. It really rattles along! And best of all, it’s very much in his own voice – delighted to see everyday words in the poem like ‘scarper’! It tells a great story – a serious story – the circle of life and I love the weary vole’s sigh at the end.


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