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The good news is that I'll be taking over the 2016 Suffolk Young Poets Competition, previously run by The Poetry Trust. It will follow along the same lines as the competition has for the last 27 years, except that the Prizewinners' Event will be held at The Cut in Halesworth in October. There's also funding in place to deliver 12 days of workshops in schools to help generate some poems and entries which I'll be delivering with Jenifer Smith and Michael Laskey this spring (with the help of Naomi Jaffa). Last year there were 1800+ entries and some fine winning poems. Entry forms and a new website will be around in May.



So, amongst other things, these last few months I've been working in Stowmarket on the Every Road Tells A Story project. I've been interviewing former tenants and residents of the Unity Houses – otherwise known as ‘prefabs’. These were built in the mid-1950s as a ‘temporary’ housing solution but stood rather longer than that and are only now being demolished (having stood for 60 years!) with new rented houses built in their place. The thing is, they were 'home', people invested their lives in the old properties and a community grew around them. It’s been fascinating to put them together for a little book which will be part of an exhibition at the Museum of East Anglian Life in June.

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